4 Maintenance tips for heavy duty truck air disc brakes

In the last few years, the popularity of air disc brakes among truck owners has magnified. One of the primary advantages of air disc brakes is that stopping time is substantially reduced. Fading of brakes is also limited. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to take the maintenance seriously. 3

Through this blog post, we have listed maintenance tips for heavy-duty truck air disc brakes.

Check the pad friction thickness

The thickness of the pad shouldn’t be less than the minimum is. Check the thickness regularly and compare the outboard vs. inboard pad. Apart from that, checking the friction is not cracked is always beneficial. Use the right quality inspection mirror to examine the pad.

Check the rotor thickness

For the disc brakes on heavy-duty trucks to be in the perfect shape, the rotor thickness should be above the lower limit. Keep checking the thickness regularly. There shouldn’t be stress cracks in the rotor. If you find the cracks, ensure they do not exceed the acceptable levels.

Check the boots

The boots should also be in perfect working order. In case you notice tearing of the boot material, visit a mechanic immediately. Due to such issues, contaminants and moisture enter the caliper.

Check the mounting hardware

It is imperative to check the mounting of the hardware of air chambers and calipers. While doing so, check that guide pin covers are present.

Bonus Tip: Ensure the caliper slides freely! We hope that keeping these tips in mind will help you maintain the disc brakes on heavy-duty trucks. When you visit a mechanic near you, make sure he uses superior quality equipment.

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