All About Lug Nuts

You must have heard the term lug nut being thrown around in garages. Lug nuts are basically fasteners for the wheels or in other words wheel nuts. Lug nuts are manufactured with both rounded and conical ends. The constant movement of the wheels causes lug nuts or wheel nuts to be in constant vibration. Such vibration could cause them to dislocate and require to be secured by lug nut safety devices.

What is a Lug Nut Safety Device?

Lug nut safety devices are intended at securing lug nuts and ensuring that they stay in place as the vehicle is operated even on rough terrain. It is the first layer of protection afforded to the lug nuts so that the wheels stay intact. The process of removal and replacing lug nuts requires a lot of efforts and this is why at BrakeMate® securing lug nuts of heavy vehicle is done mechanically. This ensures accuracy and consumes a lot less time.

How Do I Choose The Right Lug Nut?

Before one analyzes the quality of lug nut safety devices, it is important to ensure that the right choice is made as to the lug nut. While there is no straight jacket formula that can be followed so as to arrive at just the right lug nut, keeping the following aspects in mind while choosing the lug nut will help one make sound choices in this regard- thread size and pitch, the type of seat, the metrics and the finish and color of choice. All of these aspects are to be given considerable thought while picking out just the right lug nut for your vehicle.

How Does A Lug Nut Safety Device Afford Protection?

Lug nut safety devices are designed to protect the lug nuts that fasten the wheels into a vehicle. Wheel nuts constantly face friction and wear and tear. The constant vibrations can easily cause them to dislocate and this could prove dangerous. Lug nut safety devices used at BrakeMate® are designed to reduce the vibration of lug nuts, thereby reducing the chance of their dislocation.

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