Are you using outdated equipment for repairing haulage components?

If you are into the business of heavy vehicle repair, the chances are that you also fix haulage components. Fixing such parts gets difficult in many cases. It can be dangerous, too. These issues arise when you use those outdated gears for repair and replacement purposes.

This is where TrailRMate™ appears as a better alternative. This modern design is your trusted equipment to install and remove the key components on the trailers. It works perfectly on trailers that are used in cartage & haulage of heavy materials.

Such trailers face heavy stresses due to hauling of heavy loads. These are typically witnessed in excavation and mining industries. The subcomponents like bushing rings and hub assemblies mainly face the damage. The tool we are talking about takes care of repair and replacement of these subcomponents.

Transport TrailRMate™ easily and safely anywhere in your workshop. Even using it for repairs is a piece of cake. Using this tool, you can remove old bushing and insert a new one simultaneously. Dual bushing tools make it possible.

High strength pressure gauge and tooling makes it a class apart. With the pressure gauge, you can monitor force instantly.

It can offer a hydraulic force of 60T or 100T. You need to share your requirements with the makers to get the right one.

Let’s now talk about why we should trust this product. Well, it is made by the company who invented BrakeMate®, the revolutionary equipment from the world of disc brake assemblies. Ask any mechanic who has used this product, and they will have a lot of positive things to say about it.

If you also use this equipment, you can simply use the BrakeMate® Adaptor Version. The adapter turns your existing BrakeMate into a powerful tool for servicing vehicles used in the heavy haulage sector.

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