This product for Heavy Vehicle Braking System cuts manual labor by 50 percent

Repairing the braking system is never easy. The process gets tougher if we are talking about heavy vehicle braking systems. Whether you have to remove/replace brake pads or service callipers, you have to do a lot of weight lifting.

If you are running a repair shop, you must be paying a lot for the manual labor. There is a solution to cut it down significantly. Get a BrakeMate® for your workshop.

This Australian-made product has revolutionized the way mechanics fix the brakes. The workers now don’t call others for assistance to lift the heavy components. A single mechanic is enough to do such jobs. As a result, servicing times are decreased.

Many workshops claim that their times have decreased by over 50 percent. Those workshops have recovered the money invested on BrakeMate®.

Let’s talk about some engineering. An air-over hydraulic system operates the BrakeMate® trolley. There’s a three-button configuration of ‘Up,’ ‘Down,’ and ‘Safety’ that keeps the operator’s hands away from the moving parts. You can also use it for replacing drum brake assembly kits with disc brakes.


How BrakeMate® is increasing the profits of vehicle repair shops

Heavy-vehicle repair shops have been struggling to increase their efficiency for decades. The inflection point came in the form of BrakeMate® equipment. There are several ways this revolutionary has improved the working of vehicle repair workshops. Let’s understand more below.

  • Speed of repairing the vehicles has increased

Thanks to BrakeMate, it takes a fraction of time to fix brakes and other parts of heavy vehicles. As a result, a repair shop can increase their capacity without hiring new mechanics or purchasing more equipment. Their profit has increased substantially.

  • Less people take leaves

A few years ago, the employees used to take leaves due to issues like back or shoulder pain. This slowed down the working of the workshops. This isn’t the case anymore. BrakeMate minimizes the heavy lifting involved with the repair of the vehicles. Everything now is a piece of cake.

  • Hiring of staff is easy

Conventionally, the workshops looked at the overall skills when hiring people for vehicle repairs. Plus, they also made sure the individual was physically strong. This ensured he could handle the heavy lifting without getting extremely tired just after a single repair job. Now, the scope of hiring has increased. One doesn’t need to be physically strong to be able to work on BrakeMate. Vehicle repair skills are sufficient.

  • Dependency of costly tools has reduced

To make the repair jobs easy, the workshops relied on many tools and equipment. All those expenses decreased their final profits. The reliance on those equipment and tools has reduced with the use of BrakeMate®.

  • You can use it for replacement of drum brakes

If you replace drum brakes by disc brakes on trucks, then also BrakeMate can help you out. You need to buy an affordable DrumMate Adapter that makes this process a piece of cake. You can scale-up the operations without spending a lot. It is due to these benefits that BrakeMate® is now used in many parts of the US and other countries.


Wheel Nut Indicators Installation for Trucks

One of the major reasons behind road accidents is when wheel nuts lose torque and start to vibrate. More often than not, the truck owners do not re-check the wheel nuts. The issue arises also due to incorrect initial tension. Or, because of dirt or paint between the dual wheels.

You need the right wheel nut indicator for trucks to avoid such situations. You can trust Squirrel®, a revolutionary product by BrakeMate® for this purpose.

Many workshops and even individuals rely on this product when it comes to wheel nut indicators installations.

This safety device decreases the occurrence of wheel loss. It works by applying a force against the wheel nut side. As a result, there is no vibration even if there is loss of clamping force.

The commonly available wheel nut indicators for trucks offer indication only when the trucks are stationary. This isn’t the case with Squirrel. Expect protection even when the vehicle is moving.

Due to the superior protection it offers, The Squirrel is the preferred choice of top players from the transport sector of North American and Australia. You will find its applications in auto logistics, waste haulage, concrete business, mining operations, hazmat carriers, etc.


Best Wheel Bearing and Seal Removal Tool

Tulip Corporation brings the best wheel bearing removal tool called BrakeMate®. This tool was developed for the heavy-vehicle repair industry after years of research.

So, what makes it an industry’s favorite tool for workshops? For starters, it saves you from manual lifting. A mechanic knows how straining manual lifting can be. After fixing brakes for months, the mechanics start feeling pain in the back and shoulders. There are many cases when the workers get injured while lifting heavy equipment.

All these heavy lifting tasks become negligible once you place BrakeMate® in your workshop. This elevated platform is so simple to use that even new employees can work on it without any prior experience. You need not be a physically strong person to use or move it. Talking specifically about moving it around, there’s a trolley that comes with each unit. Not only does it save your space but also helps you carry BrakeMate within your repair facility.

The time you save on removing wheel bearing and seal can be used to repair more vehicles. This improves efficiency of your staff, and ultimately, your revenues.

If you replace drum brakes with disc brakes in your facility, you can get a variant with a drum brakes adapter.


Are you using outdated equipment for repairing haulage components?

If you are into the business of heavy vehicle repair, the chances are that you also fix haulage components. Fixing such parts gets difficult in many cases. It can be dangerous, too. These issues arise when you use those outdated gears for repair and replacement purposes.

This is where TrailRMate™ appears as a better alternative. This modern design is your trusted equipment to install and remove the key components on the trailers. It works perfectly on trailers that are used in cartage & haulage of heavy materials.

Such trailers face heavy stresses due to hauling of heavy loads. These are typically witnessed in excavation and mining industries. The subcomponents like bushing rings and hub assemblies mainly face the damage. The tool we are talking about takes care of repair and replacement of these subcomponents.

Transport TrailRMate™ easily and safely anywhere in your workshop. Even using it for repairs is a piece of cake. Using this tool, you can remove old bushing and insert a new one simultaneously. Dual bushing tools make it possible.

High strength pressure gauge and tooling makes it a class apart. With the pressure gauge, you can monitor force instantly.

It can offer a hydraulic force of 60T or 100T. You need to share your requirements with the makers to get the right one.

Let’s now talk about why we should trust this product. Well, it is made by the company who invented BrakeMate®, the revolutionary equipment from the world of disc brake assemblies. Ask any mechanic who has used this product, and they will have a lot of positive things to say about it.

If you also use this equipment, you can simply use the BrakeMate® Adaptor Version. The adapter turns your existing BrakeMate into a powerful tool for servicing vehicles used in the heavy haulage sector.


Heavy duty drum removal isn’t difficult anymore

Many heavy duty trucks are now moving to disc brakes because it is more effective and doesn’t fade away easily. If you are a car mechanic or run a workshop, you might understand how tough the process of replacing the brakes is.

Well, you need not worry. We are here to discuss a simple and pain free method of heavy duty drum removal. The Drummate adapter is what we are talking about. This add-on to the original BrakeMate is revolutionary in terms of design and usage.

Now, you can perform the entire job of drum removal without any heavy lifting. This means you don’t have to suffer from back pain or tiredness anymore. The chances of accidents while working on such processes is also negligible.

You might be thinking about investing in sophisticated equipment for this purpose. The good news is that you can do so at a fraction of price.

Not just that, this drum brake assembly kit is extremely simple to install. To the rotor hub trolley, you need to carefully attach the adapter. That’s it! You are ready to use it. The process is simplified through an installation video on its official website.

This tool for heavy duty drum removal is already being used by numerous mechanics in the US and other countries.


Frequently asked questions about Squirrel® wheel safety device

A lot of individuals ask us about the usage of Squirrel®. To answer all the queries, we have listed frequently asked questions about this wheel safety device from Brakemate®.

How does this device work?

Squirrel minimizes the possibilities of road accidents by reducing wheel loss incidences. This device’s design is such that it applies a direct force against the wheel nut’s side. This means the nuts won’t vibrate even in the case of clamping force loss.

Why do wheel nuts vibrate?

The nuts of a wheel typically vibrate due to lack of re-checking, incorrect initial tension, shock loading on studs, paint/dirt between dual wheels. These are some common reasons behind the vibration of nuts. The situations vary by where and how frequently you drive your vehicle.

Do I need special equipment to use it?

There is no need for special equipment or tools when fitting this device on the wheels. It takes around a minute to install it. You can check the installation videos on Brakemate’s website for the process.

Can it be used when a car/truck is moving?

Yes, that’s a unique feature of this device. You can use it seamlessly, even when a car is moving.

In which industries is this wheel safety device used?

This wheel safety device from BrakeMate® has found applications in an array of industries: transmit operators, auto logistics, mining operations, hazmat carriers, waste haulage, and concrete companies. Some of the largest transport operators from Australia and North America also use it regularly.

Is it costly?

This vehicle accessory’s beauty is that it is available at a reasonable price despite so many advantages.

I want to know more about the specifications and pricing. Whom should I contact?

For all your pricing, specifications, and shipping queries, give us a call at this number 844-465-6283l. Our Fax number: 289 201 2101. You can use these numbers to give us feedback on this safety device. This website also offers equipment for air disc brake rotor replacement.


4 Maintenance tips for heavy duty truck air disc brakes

In the last few years, the popularity of air disc brakes among truck owners has magnified. One of the primary advantages of air disc brakes is that stopping time is substantially reduced. Fading of brakes is also limited. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to take the maintenance seriously. 3

Through this blog post, we have listed maintenance tips for heavy-duty truck air disc brakes.

Check the pad friction thickness

The thickness of the pad shouldn’t be less than the minimum is. Check the thickness regularly and compare the outboard vs. inboard pad. Apart from that, checking the friction is not cracked is always beneficial. Use the right quality inspection mirror to examine the pad.

Check the rotor thickness

For the disc brakes on heavy-duty trucks to be in the perfect shape, the rotor thickness should be above the lower limit. Keep checking the thickness regularly. There shouldn’t be stress cracks in the rotor. If you find the cracks, ensure they do not exceed the acceptable levels.

Check the boots

The boots should also be in perfect working order. In case you notice tearing of the boot material, visit a mechanic immediately. Due to such issues, contaminants and moisture enter the caliper.

Check the mounting hardware

It is imperative to check the mounting of the hardware of air chambers and calipers. While doing so, check that guide pin covers are present.

Bonus Tip: Ensure the caliper slides freely! We hope that keeping these tips in mind will help you maintain the disc brakes on heavy-duty trucks. When you visit a mechanic near you, make sure he uses superior quality equipment.


The advantages of disc brakes for heavy-duty trucks

Brakes appear as one of the crucial factors when considering the specifications of heavy-duty trucks. A lot of individuals get confused between disc and drum brakes. Well, disc brakes on heavy-duty trucks come with several advantages. 

The cost of owning a disc brake is lower compared to a drum brake, which is why it represents a better value to the user. Talking about the performance, it is usually resistant to fading. There is the minimal impact of contamination due to rust, water, or dirt. Many users get rid of brake adjustment issues, as the calipers are self-adjusting.

For many truck owners, disc brakes are a better option due to less maintenance. In a drum brake, there are nine to 12 moving parts. Conversely, there are fewer moving parts on disc brakes, reducing the need for maintenance. This feature ensures longer life.

When it comes to inspection or replacement, friction pads are easily accessible. For cleaning purposes, one can easily reach the calipers.

You might have noticed there is no need to remove the hub and rotor when the entire caliper is removed for maintenance purposes.

Thanks to these features, many individuals opt for disc brakes on heavy-duty trucks.

A lot of heavy lifting is involved when drum brakes are replaced with air disc brakes. It can be time taking and dangerous for the mechanics.

This is where the Drum Adapter appears in the picture. The workshops already using BrakeMate for the brake job choose this add-on to simplify the process of transition. This adapter does everything that costly equipment does during such tasks. It merely requires you to attach the adapter to the rotor hub trolley to make it functional.


Reduce the chances of wheel loss with this safety device

After the huge success of air disc brake rotor replacement equipment Brakemate, Tulip Corporation Pty Ltd has introduced another product: Squirrel®.

One of the reasons of dangerous roadway accidents is loss of torque and vibration of wheel nuts. Shock loading on studs due to gutters and other clipping objects is one major reason behind nuts vibrating off. It can also happen when there are re-checks or incorrect initial tension. Paint between dual wheels can also lead to this issue.

This is where Squirrel® takes the stage. By using it, you can reduce the chances of wheel loss. The design of this device is such that it applies a direct force against the wheel nut’s side. As a result, there is no vibration even in the case of clamping force loss. Expect Squirrel wheel device for safety to offer protection even when the vehicle is moving

Some of the biggest transport operators from North America and Australia rely on this device for their fleet. Following sectors utilize this device:

  • Waste Haulage
  • Transit operators
  • Auto logistics
  • Hazmat carriers
  • Concrete companies
  • Mining Operations

It takes hardly a minute for technicians to install a Squirrel. Special tools or equipment aren’t required to fit it in a vehicle. Use it as many times as you want. You will find testimonials of technicians that rave about its performance.