Best Wheel Bearing and Seal Removal Tool

Tulip Corporation brings the best wheel bearing removal tool called BrakeMate®. This tool was developed for the heavy-vehicle repair industry after years of research.

So, what makes it an industry’s favorite tool for workshops? For starters, it saves you from manual lifting. A mechanic knows how straining manual lifting can be. After fixing brakes for months, the mechanics start feeling pain in the back and shoulders. There are many cases when the workers get injured while lifting heavy equipment.

All these heavy lifting tasks become negligible once you place BrakeMate® in your workshop. This elevated platform is so simple to use that even new employees can work on it without any prior experience. You need not be a physically strong person to use or move it. Talking specifically about moving it around, there’s a trolley that comes with each unit. Not only does it save your space but also helps you carry BrakeMate within your repair facility.

The time you save on removing wheel bearing and seal can be used to repair more vehicles. This improves efficiency of your staff, and ultimately, your revenues.

If you replace drum brakes with disc brakes in your facility, you can get a variant with a drum brakes adapter.

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