Frequently asked questions about Squirrel® wheel safety device

A lot of individuals ask us about the usage of Squirrel®. To answer all the queries, we have listed frequently asked questions about this wheel safety device from Brakemate®.

How does this device work?

Squirrel minimizes the possibilities of road accidents by reducing wheel loss incidences. This device’s design is such that it applies a direct force against the wheel nut’s side. This means the nuts won’t vibrate even in the case of clamping force loss.

Why do wheel nuts vibrate?

The nuts of a wheel typically vibrate due to lack of re-checking, incorrect initial tension, shock loading on studs, paint/dirt between dual wheels. These are some common reasons behind the vibration of nuts. The situations vary by where and how frequently you drive your vehicle.

Do I need special equipment to use it?

There is no need for special equipment or tools when fitting this device on the wheels. It takes around a minute to install it. You can check the installation videos on Brakemate’s website for the process.

Can it be used when a car/truck is moving?

Yes, that’s a unique feature of this device. You can use it seamlessly, even when a car is moving.

In which industries is this wheel safety device used?

This wheel safety device from BrakeMate® has found applications in an array of industries: transmit operators, auto logistics, mining operations, hazmat carriers, waste haulage, and concrete companies. Some of the largest transport operators from Australia and North America also use it regularly.

Is it costly?

This vehicle accessory’s beauty is that it is available at a reasonable price despite so many advantages.

I want to know more about the specifications and pricing. Whom should I contact?

For all your pricing, specifications, and shipping queries, give us a call at this number 844-465-6283l. Our Fax number: 289 201 2101. You can use these numbers to give us feedback on this safety device. This website also offers equipment for air disc brake rotor replacement.

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