Heavy duty drum removal isn’t difficult anymore

Many heavy duty trucks are now moving to disc brakes because it is more effective and doesn’t fade away easily. If you are a car mechanic or run a workshop, you might understand how tough the process of replacing the brakes is.

Well, you need not worry. We are here to discuss a simple and pain free method of heavy duty drum removal. The Drummate adapter is what we are talking about. This add-on to the original BrakeMate is revolutionary in terms of design and usage.

Now, you can perform the entire job of drum removal without any heavy lifting. This means you don’t have to suffer from back pain or tiredness anymore. The chances of accidents while working on such processes is also negligible.

You might be thinking about investing in sophisticated equipment for this purpose. The good news is that you can do so at a fraction of price.

Not just that, this drum brake assembly kit is extremely simple to install. To the rotor hub trolley, you need to carefully attach the adapter. That’s it! You are ready to use it. The process is simplified through an installation video on its official website.

This tool for heavy duty drum removal is already being used by numerous mechanics in the US and other countries.

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