Heavy-duty drum removal made easier with BrakeMate®

BrakeMate® is a revolutionary kit that has eased up the lives of numerous technicians who work on heavy vehicles. Those technicians do not experience back pain or suffer from injuries while working on disk brakes.

The best part about this equipment is that anyone can operate it irrespective of age, gender, and physical strength. Of course, it is advisable to be around young technicians when they are handling it in the beginning. Did you know that you can use it with a drum brake assembly kit? We have discussed it later.

This Australian-made tool reduces the number of people required to fix the disc brake system of truck, bus, and trailer. In fact, a single individual can do it all. No wonder it has become a favourite of many shops that strictly maintain social distancing guidelines.

The time saved in doing the brakes is utilized in other repair tasks. As a result, the garage owners can expect more productivity and sales.

The service trolley included in the kit makes it perfect for all types of car workshops. A lot of individuals ask us whether they can use it for drum brakes.

For heavy-duty drum removal, you need to you a drum adapter. There is no need for heavy lifting while removing drums if you have this adapter. You need to attach the adapter to the rotor hub trolley for this purpose.

A single adapter saves you from the purchase of expensive equipment that is generally used for a short period.

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