How BrakeMate® is increasing the profits of vehicle repair shops

Heavy-vehicle repair shops have been struggling to increase their efficiency for decades. The inflection point came in the form of BrakeMate® equipment. There are several ways this revolutionary has improved the working of vehicle repair workshops. Let’s understand more below.

  • Speed of repairing the vehicles has increased

Thanks to BrakeMate, it takes a fraction of time to fix brakes and other parts of heavy vehicles. As a result, a repair shop can increase their capacity without hiring new mechanics or purchasing more equipment. Their profit has increased substantially.

  • Less people take leaves

A few years ago, the employees used to take leaves due to issues like back or shoulder pain. This slowed down the working of the workshops. This isn’t the case anymore. BrakeMate minimizes the heavy lifting involved with the repair of the vehicles. Everything now is a piece of cake.

  • Hiring of staff is easy

Conventionally, the workshops looked at the overall skills when hiring people for vehicle repairs. Plus, they also made sure the individual was physically strong. This ensured he could handle the heavy lifting without getting extremely tired just after a single repair job. Now, the scope of hiring has increased. One doesn’t need to be physically strong to be able to work on BrakeMate. Vehicle repair skills are sufficient.

  • Dependency of costly tools has reduced

To make the repair jobs easy, the workshops relied on many tools and equipment. All those expenses decreased their final profits. The reliance on those equipment and tools has reduced with the use of BrakeMate®.

  • You can use it for replacement of drum brakes

If you replace drum brakes by disc brakes on trucks, then also BrakeMate can help you out. You need to buy an affordable DrumMate Adapter that makes this process a piece of cake. You can scale-up the operations without spending a lot. It is due to these benefits that BrakeMate® is now used in many parts of the US and other countries.

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