How To Separate A Hub And Rotor?

In the old days when one had to take care of a problem with the hub and rotor on air disc brakes getting stuck or seized due to winter chemicals on the road or rust build up, it was necessary to use a sledge hammer or even apply heat. It was very difficult to separate the two and it took a lot of effort on the part of the technician. BrakeMate® has produced a really useful and efficient hub and rotor removal tool that can get the job done in a few minutes without any sweat. This tool is very popular in Australia and also a large number of customers in North America, the United Kingdom, France and Denmark. This well tested tool is able to separate any seized hub and rotor.

How To Remove A Stuck Brake Rotor

You can remove a stuck brake rotor by using lubricants or by using a large rubber mallet but the quickest and safest way is by using a V-Splitter. Just place the rotor between the V-Splitter and follow the instructions. Your brake rotor becomes unstuck. Though the manufacturer of these hub and rotor removal tools was originally based in Australia, they now have operations in North America too. This makes it more convenient for their customers as it will help in customer support, training, shipping and reselling etc. Repairing large vehicles, can be very difficult for the technicians as the parts are very heavy and it can be back breaking. These tools that have been produced by BrakeMate® have indeed made life much easier for heavy vehicle technicians.

How To Remove A Drum Easily

By using the DrumMate™ which is another tool is manufactured by  BrakeMate®, heavy drums can be removed easily. The adapter can be attached to the rotor hub trolley by aligning it to the bolt hole. Tighten the bolt with the help of the socket wrench in order to attach. The holding straps have to be attached in the slots provided. Once all the adjustments are made, the straps can be tightened and the drum removed easily without anyone having to potentially injure their back. The best thing is that these tools are all available as add-ons.  This is another useful tool like the hub and rotor removal tool.

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