How was Squirrel (wheel nut indicator) was designed?

Accidents due to wheel loss on heavy vehicles are not uncommon. It also happens that the driver isn’t aware that a wheel is from his vehicle. Another road user reminds them of what happened. You can imagine how dangerous the situation could be.

This is where wheel nut indicators for trucks appear in the picture. But a challenge with regular but indicators is that they indicate nut movement only when the vehicle isn’t moving. They are of no use when driving a vehicle.

We understood this challenge. And to best this challenge, we introduced a revolutionary safety device called Squirrel®. This device works even when the vehicle is working.

The makers behind this tool thought of creating something that applies a direct force against the side of wheel nuts. This prevents the vibration of nuts in case there is a loss of clamping force.

The material used for designing this tool is U.V. stabilized nylon material. You can expect it to withstand temperatures rising during heavy braking and start-stop operations.

Some of the largest transport companies from the US, Canada, and Australia rely upon this tool.

These industries currently use Squirrel: waste collection, road tankers, concrete cartage, auto logistics, mining, and general freight — to name a few.

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