BrakeMate® height adapter

For shops requiring to work at additional height or those shops that may have a “no bend’ rule in place this adapter is your solution. You simply remove the wheels from the base of the BrakeMate® unit attach the adapter, put the wheels on and you are ready to use the BrakeMate® with extended height. Height of adapter will increase the operational height of the BrakeMate® to 137cm or 55 inches at centre of axle.


This extended acme threaded C tool is great for getting into extended locations such as middle axle on articulated buses. The extended rod makes it easily accessible with no fuss.


A pair of short armed clamps that attach onto the face plate of the wheel and secures onto the rotors. Attach the BrakeMate as normal, clamp the rotor and PCD plate together using the new clamps, remove the 10 hub bolts and insert the 2 centering pins. The centering pins will be used while aligning the new rotor and PCD plate. Once the rotor is changed return the assembly to the vehicle and position with the BrakeMate® , replace 2 or 4 of the hub bolts then remove the locating pins and disconnect the BrakeMate® .

Foot Pump

The air over hydraulic foot pump is used in conjunction with the V-Splitter. The unit adopts a user-friendly foot-actuated design to provide hands-free operation for pumping and releasing the load, saving the operator’s time and effort with strong power and high output pressure.

This high-pressure hydraulic air-powered pump is designed to be used with single-acting cylinders only.


Designed for Mercedes style trucks. Attach the adapter onto the BrakeMate® and you are good to go.


In response to our discovery that the BrakeMate® is now being used to service ground support equipment (GSE) at airports we have introduced the Mini Caliper Adapter as well as the Micro Caliper adapter. From the picture below you can see the measurements of each. We ship the standard size with each BrakeMate® .


The 30T comes fully assembled as a single unit. It fits in as the 2 off 10 stud (UK + US) adaptors do by sliding in to the BrakeMate® This unit is only used to pull a seized hub off. Once the hub has moved free along the shaft with the aid of the 30T manual Hydraulics it is left on the shaft. The 30T puller is then taken off and returned to its position on a wall bracket. The normal procedure is then followed to remove hub/rotor assembly with the 10T hydraulic puller (standard operating procedure).


Designed to keep all of your V Splitter components in one handy cart. Everything mounts onto the cart and transporting the unit to repair bay is easy with no strain.

StudMate™ Inner scrub tool

The inner scrubbing tool is designed to clean the threads on the stud wheel bolt.  It easily inserts inside the StudMate. Shipped in packs of 25pcs.

StudMate™ Cleaning Head

The StudMate™ cleaning head is an easy to install snap and twist design. Helps to ensures the flat mating surface of the hub is clean prior to reinstalling the wheel.

The cleaning heads are shipped in a box of 25pcs.

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