BrakeMate® V-Splitter

Ever had an issue separating a hub and rotor assembly that was seized on air disc brakes? Do winter chemicals on roads wreak havoc on these components? Have you  been using a sledge hammer, shop press, or even applying heat to separate those seized hubs and rotors? BrakeMate® Ltd. says NO MORE!
Our V-Splitter easily separates hubs and rotors that have become seized or difficult to separate. Easy to use right on the BrakeMate®, it can take less than five minutes to separate the components. It can also be used as a stand alone unit.
The V-Splitter has had extensive testing in Australia, France, the United Kingdom, Denmark and North America.  We have yet to see a seized hub and rotor that we have not been able to separate!

Key Benefits

  • V-Splitter separates seized components in seconds
  • OH&S benefits for reduced injuries and worker safety
  • Decrease repair time for Rotor and Brake replacement Design Integrated with BrakeMate®ltd
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Individual flow valves for direct Piston Control
  • Hoses and 3 hydraulic pistons rated for 10T each
  • Lightweight unit with ergonomic Finger Grip
  • Optional Hydraulic controller foot pedal for ease of use


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