BrakeMate® has been designed as an elevated service platform for servicing heavy vehicle disc brake assemblies; it eliminates manual lifting during the disc brake maintenance process and substantially reduces service time and as a result, saves money and pays for itself very quickly.


  • Eliminate manual lifting
  • Reduce the risk of back injury
  • Ideal work height
  • Reduce service time
  • Specifically designed for bus, truck and trailer maintenance needs
  • Male, Female, young or not so young, strong or not so strong. BrakeMate® is no respecter of persons all technicians can use our product easily, effortlessly and efficiently.
  • Reduce maintenance times and costs
  • Easy to use and offers major OH&S benefits
  • Australian designed and manufactured
  • Makes wheel bearing and seal replacement much easier and quicker
  • Drum brake adapter option available

The BrakeMate® comes complete with the service trolly.

Making Hard Jobs Easier and Safer! One Workshop at a Time"™.