The NutMate™ system allows mechanics and workshops to easily removes seized nuts and bolts on trucks, trailers, buses, and more.

The NutMate™ is a state of the art hydraulic wrench that applies enormous torque to seized bolts. Large commercial vehicles are subjected to harsh operating conditions where components can rust over time. Removal using grinders, heat, and extension bars are not uncommon. NutMate™ is changing the way we remove seized nuts. Making jobs easier and safer for mechanics, reducing repair time and decreasing physical strain on the body.


  • 10,000 PSI operating pressure
  • Selectable force control
  • Hoses 10,000 PSI and 40,000 PSI burst pressure
  • Electric operation
  • Brushless motor
  • Al-Ti pump body light and strong
  • 14,000 PSI pressure gauge
  • 3 Speed Available
  • 2 & 4 Wrench out available


  • 360 x 180 degree action arm
  • 700 Bar max working pressure
  • 12 models to choose from
  • NutMate™ 3/4” Drive 185 – 1852 NM force
  • Accurancy + – 3%
  • Aviation Aluminium Titanium Alloy
  • Square Drive and reaction arm can be customized
  • ¾ inch drive
  • Full range of drivers and sockets
  • Complete NutMate™ range available from 185NM to 14085NM !!!!

NutMate™ Gallery Images

Making Hard Jobs Easier and Safer! One Workshop at a Time"™.