StudMate™ is designed to quickly clean the lug stud and mating surfaces of truck and bus wheel components, ensuring proper torque can be applied and proper clamping force is achieved. By cleaning not only the threads as well as the flat plate surface proper torque is much more easily achieved. The unit can be attached to any power driven tool. Whether you are using pneumatic, electric or battery driven tools as long as the tool has a maximum 4000rpm speed you are good to clean.

The StudMate has an interior brush used to clean the threads as well as a flat brush for cleaning flat spots on the hub. Brushes are easily replaceable. The unit is made in the USA and is patent pending.

Key Benefits

  • Right hand rotation on and off hub.
  • Fits any 1/2″ drive
  • Operates at up to 4000 RPM.
  • Easily cleans threaded stud surface.
  • Cleans the mating surface of the wheel components.
  • Smooth surface allows for better more accurate torquing of bolts.
  • Helps achieve maximum clamp force.
  • Ergonomic sleeve allows operator to hold the tool in their hand while for greater control

Stud Mate™ Gallery Images

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