The TrailRMate™ is designed to assist with the removal and installation of the key components on the Trailers used in Haulage and Cartage of heavy materials.
Hauling heavy loads that are typical in Mining and Excavation, can place heavy stresses and damage to trailers and subcomponents such as Hub assemblies and bushing rings.TrailRMate™ can come to the rescue.

Key Benefits

The TrailRMate Adaptor is a multi-function tool designed to provide mechanics assistance in servicing vehicles in the heavy haulage sector which have different service requirements than standard large Vehicles.

  • Attaches to existing BrakeMate®
  • Platform
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Quick Release Hydraulic Pump
  • Dual bushing insertion and removal tools
  • Hardened Tooling for High Pressure
  • Clamp tool for Rubber Bushes

TrailRMate™ Gallery Images

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