Reduce the chances of wheel loss with this safety device

After the huge success of air disc brake rotor replacement equipment Brakemate, Tulip Corporation Pty Ltd has introduced another product: Squirrel®.

One of the reasons of dangerous roadway accidents is loss of torque and vibration of wheel nuts. Shock loading on studs due to gutters and other clipping objects is one major reason behind nuts vibrating off. It can also happen when there are re-checks or incorrect initial tension. Paint between dual wheels can also lead to this issue.

This is where Squirrel® takes the stage. By using it, you can reduce the chances of wheel loss. The design of this device is such that it applies a direct force against the wheel nut’s side. As a result, there is no vibration even in the case of clamping force loss. Expect Squirrel wheel device for safety to offer protection even when the vehicle is moving

Some of the biggest transport operators from North America and Australia rely on this device for their fleet. Following sectors utilize this device:

  • Waste Haulage
  • Transit operators
  • Auto logistics
  • Hazmat carriers
  • Concrete companies
  • Mining Operations

It takes hardly a minute for technicians to install a Squirrel. Special tools or equipment aren’t required to fit it in a vehicle. Use it as many times as you want. You will find testimonials of technicians that rave about its performance.

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