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BrakeMate® is an innovative solution to assist heavy vehicle technicians in wheel end work. Both practical and efficient, our products are developed by the technician, for the technician. Over the years, BrakeMate® has evolved into a family of products that focuses on reducing maintenance costs and minimizes potential injury. Our products are designed to create a safer working experience with our “no strain, no pain” approach when designing equipment. Through combining functionality and performance, safety that starts in the garage extends to our roads.

Male, Female, young or not so young, strong or not so strong. BrakeMate® is no respecter of persons all technicians can use our product easily, effortlessly and efficiently. Helping to ease the challenges of air disc brake maintenance one workshop at a time. What ever demographic your technicians are in this truly is a one size fits all solution.

Is our BrakeMate® system right for your needs? Here are some simple questions to ask yourself:

Do the existing truck brake maintenance tools we have in our shop eliminate the need for heavy lifting in doing repairs and maintenance on truck brakes? Is it possible that by performing this work the BrakeMate® way we can reduce potential injury while reducing technician fatigue and save time?

When we perform maintenance on our buses, the transit bus brake maintenance tools we use do not require a second set of hands and our technicians do not have to expose themselves to potential injury. Have we created tooling or try to use what we have because that was all that was available?

When we see our technicians performing Motorcoach brake maintenance on an air disc brake system, we ask time and time again is there a better way? When we look at the weight of the components, how we have to work within a wheel well often twisting and turning it leads us to believe that this creates a significant injury risk to our technicians.

After carefully considering these questions honestly, we believe there is a better, safer and less stressful way to perform brake and wheel end maintenance. Quite simply it is the BrakeMate® way.

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Our Products


BrakeMate® has been designed as an elevated service platform for servicing heavy vehicle disc brake assemblies; it eliminates manual lifting during the disc brake maintenance process and substantially reduces service time and as a result

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DrumMate™ Adaptor

The DrumMate™ adapter is an ideal add on to the BrakeMate® ! As more and more fleets convert from drum brake assemblies to Air Disc Brakes this adapter eliminates the heavy lifting associated with removal of drums.

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BrakeMate® V-Splitter

Our V-Splitter easily separates hubs and rotors that have become seized or difficult to separate. Easy to use right on the BrakeMate® , it can take less than five minutes to separate the components. 

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The Squirrel® wheel safety device is designed to reduce the incidence of wheel loss by applying a direct force against the side of the wheel nut, preventing it from vibrating off should there be any loss of clamping force.

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StudMate™ is designed to quickly clean the lug std and mating surfaces of truck and bus wheel components, ensuring proper torque can be applied and proper clamping force is achieved.

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The TrailRMate™ is designed to assist with the removal and installation of the key components on the Trailers used in Haulage and Cartage of heavy materials.

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We heard time and time again when doing demonstrations that removing bearings and races from hubs was at times a very challenging task.

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The NutMate™ system allows mechanics and workshops to easily removes seized nuts and bolts on trucks, trailers, buses, and more.

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We have developed a series of accessories that work in unique situations. All of our accessories are designed to be fully integrated with the BrakeMAte®.

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Making Hard Jobs Easier and Safer! One Workshop at a Time"™.