The advantages of disc brakes for heavy-duty trucks

Brakes appear as one of the crucial factors when considering the specifications of heavy-duty trucks. A lot of individuals get confused between disc and drum brakes. Well, disc brakes on heavy-duty trucks come with several advantages. 

The cost of owning a disc brake is lower compared to a drum brake, which is why it represents a better value to the user. Talking about the performance, it is usually resistant to fading. There is the minimal impact of contamination due to rust, water, or dirt. Many users get rid of brake adjustment issues, as the calipers are self-adjusting.

For many truck owners, disc brakes are a better option due to less maintenance. In a drum brake, there are nine to 12 moving parts. Conversely, there are fewer moving parts on disc brakes, reducing the need for maintenance. This feature ensures longer life.

When it comes to inspection or replacement, friction pads are easily accessible. For cleaning purposes, one can easily reach the calipers.

You might have noticed there is no need to remove the hub and rotor when the entire caliper is removed for maintenance purposes.

Thanks to these features, many individuals opt for disc brakes on heavy-duty trucks.

A lot of heavy lifting is involved when drum brakes are replaced with air disc brakes. It can be time taking and dangerous for the mechanics.

This is where the Drum Adapter appears in the picture. The workshops already using BrakeMate for the brake job choose this add-on to simplify the process of transition. This adapter does everything that costly equipment does during such tasks. It merely requires you to attach the adapter to the rotor hub trolley to make it functional.

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