This product for Heavy Vehicle Braking System cuts manual labor by 50 percent

Repairing the braking system is never easy. The process gets tougher if we are talking about heavy vehicle braking systems. Whether you have to remove/replace brake pads or service callipers, you have to do a lot of weight lifting.

If you are running a repair shop, you must be paying a lot for the manual labor. There is a solution to cut it down significantly. Get a BrakeMate® for your workshop.

This Australian-made product has revolutionized the way mechanics fix the brakes. The workers now don’t call others for assistance to lift the heavy components. A single mechanic is enough to do such jobs. As a result, servicing times are decreased.

Many workshops claim that their times have decreased by over 50 percent. Those workshops have recovered the money invested on BrakeMate®.

Let’s talk about some engineering. An air-over hydraulic system operates the BrakeMate® trolley. There’s a three-button configuration of ‘Up,’ ‘Down,’ and ‘Safety’ that keeps the operator’s hands away from the moving parts. You can also use it for replacing drum brake assembly kits with disc brakes.

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