Wheel Nut Indicators Installation for Trucks

One of the major reasons behind road accidents is when wheel nuts lose torque and start to vibrate. More often than not, the truck owners do not re-check the wheel nuts. The issue arises also due to incorrect initial tension. Or, because of dirt or paint between the dual wheels.

You need the right wheel nut indicator for trucks to avoid such situations. You can trust Squirrel®, a revolutionary product by BrakeMate® for this purpose.

Many workshops and even individuals rely on this product when it comes to wheel nut indicators installations.

This safety device decreases the occurrence of wheel loss. It works by applying a force against the wheel nut side. As a result, there is no vibration even if there is loss of clamping force.

The commonly available wheel nut indicators for trucks offer indication only when the trucks are stationary. This isn’t the case with Squirrel. Expect protection even when the vehicle is moving.

Due to the superior protection it offers, The Squirrel is the preferred choice of top players from the transport sector of North American and Australia. You will find its applications in auto logistics, waste haulage, concrete business, mining operations, hazmat carriers, etc.

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