Why heavy-vehicle owners get rid of drum brakes

Drum brakes have reigned the world of braking for decades. They last for a long time due to the huge friction contact area. They are also cheaper than disc brakes. Still, many heavy vehicle owners get rid of drum brakes.

Let’s understand the reason behind it. We will also touch upon the benefits of the drum brake assembly kit.

Drum distorts due to heavy braking. This happens because of excessive heating that happens in such scenarios. The vehicle owners complain of vibration when this happens.

The heat, in some cases, is so much that it hampers the brake shoes. It is common to notice glazed shoes resulting from overheating.

Another issue with heating is the vaporization of brake fluid. The trick and tempo drivers have to fill in fluid regularly. They also have to spend extra money and time on maintenance.

In general, the repair jobs of drum brakes are complex. Because of these reasons, vehicle drivers prefer disc brakes. Of course, the benefits linked to disc brakes also attract them.

 The shops that replace the braking systems often trust the Drum Adapter. This makes the removal drum brake assembly kit a piece ok cake.

This adapter is added to BrakeMate®, one of the most popular products for heavy vehicle braking systems. The vehicle repair workshops already use this tool to remove the heavy lifting with brake repairs.

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